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Product Range

Internal Blinds


Roller Blinds

Roller BlindsRoller Blinds are a simplistic and modern window covering available in a variety of stylish blockout and translucent fabrics. Roller Blinds are ideal for areas where heat, light or privacy control are required.
Over 30% of heat can be gained during Summer, as well as lost during the Winter time through our windows. For this reason, window coverings, are a vital part of combating your house's ability to remain energy efficient in either extremes that the weather can bring.
Choose from a variety of roller blinds textures, weaves and colours, with various bottom rail styles including anodized, black, white, beige in round or teardrop shapes.

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Cellular Blinds

Cellular BlindsCellular blinds have superior energy efficiency and durability and are a fantastic modern alternative to roller blinds.
Cellular blinds are great for a 'light filtering' effect, and also come in blockout cell with the alternative for either single or double cell styles. The light filtering range will maintain your complete privacy, whilst offering a subtle light inside your home during the day. Blockout cellular blinds will provide you with a complete room darkening solution and will offer increased energy efficiency.
Over 30% of heat can be gained during Summer, as well as lost during the Winter time through our windows.

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Shutter BlindsShutters are available in a very comprehensive range of fitting options. Shutters can be produced to fit almost any window, sliding door or designed space.

You can select from hinged, sliding, bi-fold and a variety of fixed and removable alternatives. We assess each application individually to take into account location within the home, views and privacy to provide you with a stunning and unique solution. Shutters are also a great solution where safety is a concern. Shutters are 'child friendly' with no cords or fittings that could cause injury. Painted or timber options are also available.

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Timber Venetians Blinds

Timber Venetian BlindTimber venetians are a modern and stylish blind option that suits all homes. Popular for their ability to offer light filtration or blockout simply with the pull of a cord, they are fantastic blinds which are easy to maintain and suit any décor.

Available in a variety of stains and painted colour finishes. They also come with fully enclosed head boxes which finish off a window perfectly. Fascia's are also a great cost effective alternative which will also complete the look of a timber venetian blind.

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Aluminium Venetians Blinds

Aluminium Venetian Blinds25mm slimline Venetians are a stylish and highly effective way to manage light and heat. An ideal window furnishing solution for new homes, apartments or commercial applications.
With a wide range of prominent colours Venetian blinds have the flexibility of having various degrees of light exposure. They can be left fully or partially open, or completely closed for full privacy by simply tilting the wand mechanism. Aluminium Venetians are effective reflectors of heat, particularly in light and metallic colours.

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Romans Blinds

Roman BlindsRoman blinds offer softer, more textural look to your home and are a perfect accessory or feature to any window. Roman blinds are best described as a large blind made up of horizontal panels. When lifted vertically, the panels retract upwards, creating a 'pleated' effect.

There are a large range of blind fabrics in a wide variety of colours with the option for light filtering or complete blockout. Thicker or denser fabrics will provide more insulation and make the room darker, whereas thinner or more translucent fabrics will allow more sunlight to filtrate into the room whilst still maintaining privacy.

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Panel Blinds

Panel BlindsPanel blinds are a modern solution to controlling light, moderating temperature and increasing privacy in both the home or commercial/office environments. This type of blind is unique due to the large widths of it's panels/slats, which keep out the suns harsh rays very effectively. They are also stylish and are perfect for large window widths or sliding doors as the panels slide into the closed position, stacking neatly behind one another offering maximum viewing to your surroundings. There are no chains involved and the panels don't rotate, they simply slide behind one another using a control wand.

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Vertical Blinds

Vertical BlindsVertical blinds are a great window covering that provides both light control and privacy. They are excellent options for large windows or sliding doors and are available in many textures and colours to suit any room. You are also able to choose whether the blinds open in the centre, or drawn from the left or right hand side. A centre split will allow you to draw open the blinds like curtains. Blades are available in varying sizes with the standard size being 127mm. The vertical blind can be easily coordinated back to match your Holland or venetian blinds to ensure the windows all consistently match. The adjustable blades are very easy to tilt and allow you to see out without others seeing in. Vertical Blinds also don't collect as much dust as other blinds and hence are very easy to maintain.

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